The Personal Exodus

“I took care of you in the wilderness, in that dry and thirsty land”.

Exodus is a recurring theme in Bible. God reminds Israel over and over again, though many prophets, how the nation was saved from slavery, through the journey they willingly undertook, though unwillingly completed. While the Exodus was filled with hardships, we do not see much hardships mentioned when Jacob’s brothers moved to Egypt. Of course, the Exodus had a long-winding route, making it difficult to return, compared to the move.

It seems like one of the expectations from God to Israel was that they...

From Daring To Disappointment

One of my favourite Bible studies and character is Elijah. He is still considered to be one of the greatest prophets, who was equalled with Moses during the transfiguration of Jesus. While studying Elijah, one thing that remains in my memory - he was vulnerable; often referred as Elijah syndrome, which I do not agree with.

Elijah had done a daring act just before his fleeing act. He had single-handedly challenged Ahab the King, publicly displayed the power upon him, taunted the Baal prophets and executed them with the help of people, all four hundred and fifty of them. And...

The Story of Israel

I have been always fascinated with Romans. Part of it is the thrill of unraveling the mysteries from the Old Testament era. Paul helps us understand the prophecies and symbols that were present in the Torah. It is another thing to read through Paul’s writings to understand what it meant to the Christian’s in the first century. And finally, how it all applies to us today.

I see Romans as three sections. Chapters 1-8, 9-11, and 12-16; not considering greetings as a separate section. The first section talks about the Christian theology in detail, deals with the difficult subjects like...

In The Beginning

I have been maintaining a personal blog from 2003 or so. Forgot the exact date, but that’s the year I registered this domain name. Some years back I have started writing technical articles. And that made me think about my the third personality - spiritual. So here am I. I am going to put down my thoughts, articles and studies. For no special reason. May be as a mark that I would leave behind on this www, world wide web, or in spiritual terms whole wide world.